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Bonnie Uganda

I might not be able to change the whole coffee industry, but I can change a farmer’s life.

Bonnie van Poortvliet, founder Gosling Coffee

We are Gosling Coffee. We supply sustainable coffee, purchased directly from the farmer, to companies and organizations.

Our mission is to provide coffee farmers with a living income and to offer future prospects to current and future generations.

How we do that? We shorten the coffee chain by means of direct trade. In addition, we pay the farmers a fair price. This makes the chain more sustainable and enables us to offer better quality coffee, which you can taste. Because good coffee makes everyone better.

Awesome coffee, happy farmers!


Our ambassadors

It is really clear what and how it happens, I feel very comfortable with the entire transparent supply chain. What I really like as well, is the service and knowledge of the hospitality industry. You will be amazed how few suppliers are aware of this kind of thing! And I see and hear insanely positive reactions, our guests say it’s really good coffee.

Philippine, Café Permanent

Logo Café Parmanent

Gosling Coffee is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals that we at Accenture and ISS consider important as well. The coffee story has become a strong brand that sets us apart. The attention and guidance we receive, such as update training for our baristas, and the personal touch, sets you apart from other parties.

Edwin, ISS Facility Services – Accenture

ISS Facility Services Gosling Coffee

Your coffee is very tasty and moreover, your service and delivery speed is very nice!

Sanne, bureau SLA

Bureau SLA Gosling Coffee

We talk proudly about who our coffee supplier is, a local company with values that are also close to our heart! We love that you are improving the industry, and focus on making sure the farmers are paid a fair wage by working directly with them. Together we can make a more positive impact on both people and the planet.

Marie, Fairphone

logo fairphone

Knowing I am quite a picky coffee drinker, I found the taste that suits me with Gosling Coffee: a smooth and very pleasant coffee. I really enjoy the personal aspect. When I need something, I never have to email or wait a long time for an answer: I can just call! Since I started working with you, I have grown to love coffee even more.

Jacqueline, Frenchie Café

Frenchie Café Gosling Coffee

The roastery is close to us: we can reach each other by bicycle. The direct contact between Gosling Coffee and the coffee farmers appeals to us, but also the personal contact that we now have with our coffee supplier. We know the team behind the coffee, their story, and the place where the coffee is roasted. We fully support our coffee now!

Renee, Baking Lab

Logo Baking Lab