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Bonnie van Poortvliet founded Gosling Coffee, because she knew things in the coffee industry can be done differently.

Gosling Coffee how we do business

To provide coffee farmers with a living income and a future perspective for current and future generations.


Gosling Coffee is a coffee brand with a social basis, where making an impact in coffee-producing countries is paramount.


Gosling Coffee’s working method is to shorten the coffee chain and make it more sustainable, by means of direct trade and paying a fair price to the producers.

Gosling Coffee transparancy

Gosling Coffee’s goals are:

Influence on the source of the coffee and the price, to promote the living conditions of the coffee farmers in the producing countries.

Making an impact by buying and selling as much coffee as possible.

Improving the quality and quantity of the coffee and increasing taste, price and sales, including sustainability goals.

Making the coffee market more transparent, fairer and more sustainable.

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Direct Trade

We buy coffee beans directly from the farmers in Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Peru and Colombia. Because we trade directly, we are able to pay the farmer a real fair price. We think it is important that farmers earn a living income with their coffee. By paying this fair price, we step up to the Fairtrade price ($1.40 per lbs + $0.20 premium) that only covers the cost of growing coffee. The C-market price depends on the fluctuations and vagaries of the New York market. In May 2019 the coffee price had reached an all-time low of $0.87 per lbs. In May 2020 the price touched $1.03 per lbs. The price we paid for the 2019-2020 harvest is $2.50 per lbs. After purchasing we arrange the transport to Amsterdam and roast the coffee beans in our roastery. This way, we are able to make the coffee value chain shorter, sustainable and more transparent. We are showing the large coffee industry that things can be done differently.

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Delicious coffee

Making an impact is very important to us, just like the quality of the coffee. We want to offer our customers the best specialty coffee, for a fair and honest price. In conclusion: by drinking one cup of coffee you immediately make an impact and that means that everyone in the coffee chain can start their day with a smile.

Interested in making impact together with us? Or curious about the possibilities at the office? Contact us!