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Rutas del Inca is a cooperative with over 300 farmers from the western mountains of the Peruvian Andes. The coffee farmers of this region grow their coffees in an organic and sustainable way. That’s why this cooperative focus is on the improvement of production and environmental conditions for specialty coffee. Besides that, their focus is on the next generation of coffee growers. They see it’s necessary to act now to make sure there is a successor when the time comes. Therefore, they give young people the chance to develop.
This concurs to the goals of Gosling Coffee and that’s why we like to collaborate with this group. Moreover their coffee is also very tasteful.

Transparency is very important to us, which is why you can find out below the price breakdown of this coffee.

Price breakdown (%) per kilo coffee B2B
Price structure per kilo coffee
Green coffee € 5,14
Logistics € 0,68

Transport Paita — Rotterdam € 0,38

Customs € 0,10

Storage € 0,11

Transport Rotterdam — Diemen € 0,09

Roastery € 3,23

Loss by roasting (15%) € 0,87

Roasting costs (gas/staff/utilities) € 0,67

Packing material coffee € 0,66

Boxes/tape/transport € 1,02

Total cost price € 9,05

B2B selling price excl. 9% VAT € 20,95

Bruto margin € 11,90


B2C selling price incl. 9% VAT € 26,60

Webshop costs € 0,18

Extra handling kosten € 3,33

Boxes/tape/transport € 1,02

Transaction costs € 0,30

Bruto margin € 12,72