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The first coffee we bought by ourselves was from Kilembe washing station in Uganda. The farmers that supply this washing station, as well as the washing station itselve, have suffered a lot. During spring of 2020 river Nyamwamba washed away most of their land and sheds. Despite the many misfortunes, we work with this group for a long time and support them wherever we can. Luckily, they now have found a new piece of land to build up their operations. To cover those costs and the equipment like drying beds, we have given them a loan for 5 years. This way they can build their own facility and the quality of their coffee will increase even more. In collaboration with Rwandaro cooperative, this coffee finally arrived at our roastery again. This way we can keep purchasing their amazing coffee from a stunning environment. Would you like to experience Uganda yourself? You can! Visit our page coffee trips for more information.

Transparency is very important to us, which is why you can find out below the price breakdown of this coffee.

Price breakdown (%) per kilo coffee B2B
Price structure per kilo coffee
Green coffee € 6,05

Coffee cherries € 2,50

Handling community station & transport € 0,07

Margin community station € 3,55

Logistics € 2,86

Transport Entebbe – Amsterdam € 2,79

Customs € 0,06

Air Way Bill & Collect Charges € 0,01

Roastery € 3,69

Loss by roasting (15%) € 1,34
Roasting costs (gas/staff/utilities) € 0,67
Packing material coffee € 0,66
Boxes/tape/transport € 1,02

Total cost price € 12,60

B2B selling price excl. 9% VAT € 20,95
Gross margin € 8,35


B2C selling price incl. 9% VAT € 27,20
Webshop costs € 0,18
Extra handling kosten € 3,33
Boxes/tape/transport € 1,02
Transaction costs € 0,30
Gross margin € 9,76