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Uganda Rubirizi

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In November 2020 we met John Mubangizi at his cooperative in Rubirizi. The location was still under construction but very quickly we were impressed with his vision. John has worked for multiple international NGO’s and decided to go back to his hometown to help his community. With this cooperative he’s able to share his knowledge and produce and sell coffees from farmers of his area. This year we have helped with pre financing on the needed export license and got them in contact with other farmer groups we work with in his region. For us, collaboration is key, and therefore we can help more farmers.
This delicious natural processed coffee is the first batch we bought of this cooperative. We look forward to see the development of this cooperative!
Would you like to see this place yourself? Take a look at our coffee trip page.

Price breakdown (%) per kilo coffee B2B
Price structure per kilo coffee
Green coffee € 5,98

Coffee cherries € 2,50

Handling community station & transport € 0,07

Margin community station € 3,55

Logistics € 2,86

Transport Entebbe – Amsterdam € 2,79

Customs € 0,06

Air Way Bill & Collect Charges € 0,01

Roastery € 3,68

Loss by roasting (15%) € 1,34

Roasting costs (gas/staff/utilities) € 0,67

Packing material coffee € 0,66

Boxes/tape/transport € 1,02

Total cost price € 12,52

B2B selling excl. 9% VAT € 20,85
Gross margin € 8,33


B2C selling price incl. 9% VAT € 27,10
Webshop costs € 0,18
Extra handling costs € 3,33
Boxes/tape/transport € 1,02
Transaction costs € 0,30
Gross margin € 9,75