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Countries of origin

In recent years we have started collaborations in Uganda, Rwanda, Colombia and Peru. Every year we try to expand our coffee assortment with new coffee beans with a delicious taste from undiscovered places. We select the most suitable coffee beans for us and import them into the Netherlands. To motivate and stimulate farmers to improve the quality of their coffee, we offer them a premium bonus if the coffee beans score 87 points or above.

Have a look in our webshop to see the coffees we currently have on offer. Would you also like to work with us and taste our coffee beans, please contact us at and we will explore the possibilities over a cup of coffee.

coffee uganda



Since last year we have been buying coffee from Gonyobendo washing station in the Nebbi district. A region north of the Rwenzori Mountains, on the Congolese border, which you can only reach through the Murchison Falls national park. A great beautiful place where Zombo Coffee Partners is committed to coffee farmers who have joined together to form a washing station. They have only been doing this since 2018, and we would like to help make this a success with our modest contributions.

coffee rwanda



Washing station Liza is owned by Jean Paul, a second generation coffee farmer who has worked as an agronomy consultant for many years. There are about 6000 coffee bushes on his farm. He processes coffee from his own farm and from several hundred local smallholders within the community. The quality he produces is excellent and this is due to his dedication to educating local farmers and focusing on very careful hand sorting of the ripe coffee berries.

coffee colombia



Ricardo Bustos is the farmer and owner of the Finca del Condor farm. He is the one we work together with in the Cauca region The Cauca region has suffered a lot from the FARC and most of the indigenous inhabitants of Colombia live here. The local market price is low for coffee. We want to set up a small cooperative here with farmers in the coming period.

coffee peru



Since 2018 we have coffee from Pichanaki, a village located in the province of Chanchamayo, Peru. We’ve got beans from two different communities: Nueva Florida and Agua de Nieve combined into one coffee.

When we visited the region in the spring of 2019, we mainly saw hope in the eyes of the coffee farmers. They told us that they were very delighted to finally meet green coffee buyers who were actually willing to pay a good price for their coffee.